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Gold Miner Spiral Wheel

Gold Miner Spiral Gold Wheel
Gold Miner Spiral Gold Wheel Black Sand Concentrator
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Sales price without tax: $269.99
  • Gold Miner Spiral Gold Wheel Panning Machine

The Gold Miner spiral gold wheel, automatic gold panning machine, is favored by many.  With it's ability to process your concentrates without having to pan it all out by hand, the Gold Miner wheel saves you time while effectively recovering your gold.  It is recommended to classify your concentrates to at least 1/8 prior to running through the Gold Miner wheel.  Additionally for the best gold recovery results, it's recommended classify down stage by stage.  When running your material size by size, your gold will almost surely always out-weigh the material it's being run with, which will maximize your gold recovery.

Once you've adjusted the water flow and angle, feed your gold mining concentrates through your new Gold Miner spiral wheel and watch your gold climb up the wheel through the center whole and into your catch cup! The light material will fall out of the wheel into the designated "trash tray".  The Gold Miner wheel is conveniently light weight and 100% self contained. The storage container doubles as a tub, the machine operates off of about 3 gallons of water which recirculates running a 12v pump.  The Gold Miner Spiral unit is powered by a 12v battery, not included.


Gold Miner Gold Wheel Features

* Deeper & Sharper Spirals
* Injection molded pan
* Deeper Agitators
* Micro-adjuster: To fine tune your pan angle
* Sets up in minutes & simple to use
* Light weight, approx 10 pounds
* Re-circulates 3 gallons of water

Regular Price: $324.00

SALE PRICE: $269.99

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